Research highlights and the Cell Fate Lab in the media:

20 November 2023

Congratulations to Ezgi, Sami, Marjaana, and Cecilia for the publicaion of Directing cellular responses in a nanocomposite 3D matrix for tissue regeneration with nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery (Özliseli et al., 2023, Mater. Today Bio.).

9-10 November 2023

Cecilia, Kati, and Kalen took part in the Tumor-LN-oC M30 project meeting in St. Blaise/Neuchâtele, Switzerland. We thank Alpes Laser for organizing!

7 November 20223

Marjaana presented her project “The Notch ligand Jagged1 as a regulator of breast cancer aggressiveness” as part of the ÅAU BioSeminar series.

5 October 2023

Cecilia gave a talk titled "Jagged is a mechanosensor in the vasculature" in the Notch Meeting XIII in Athens. Marjaana, Sami, and Noora gave a poster presentation with the following titles:

30 Septemper 2023

Congratulations to Freddy, Sami, and Cecilia for the publicaion of Mechanical regulation of the Notch signaling pathway (Suarez Rodriguez and Sanlidag et al., 2023, Curr. Opin. Cell Biol.).

27 Septemper 2023

Marjaana gave a presentation at the 2nd Cell Communications Research Program Annual Symposium: CellTalks, with the title: “The Notch ligand Jagged1 regulates extracellular matrix in breast cancer”

24-25 August 2023

Marjaana, Sami, Kalen, and Erica gave poster presentations at the 32nd Biocity Symposium: Sculpting Tissues - cells, matrix and forces, with the following titles:

26-30 June 2023

Kai-Lan represented the Cell Fate Lab with a poster presentation at the Microphysiological Systems World Summit in Berlin, Germany.

11-12 May 2023

We hosted the M24 meeting of the “Tumor and Lymph Node on Chip for cancer studies” project. We thank our partners for making the trip up north, for the lively discussion and for the hands-on help in the lab!

21 April 2023

Congratulations to Jordy, Cansu and Cecilia for publication A multiscale computational model of arterial growth and remodeling including Notch signaling (van Asten et al., 2023, Biomech Model Mechanobiol). We thank all the co-authors for collaboration!

28 March 2023

Shayan Zarin-Bal starts as a PhD student in Cell Fate Lab at TU/e. Welcome Shayan!

17 March 2023

We thank the Sigrid Jusélius Foundation for awarding Cecilia and the Cell Fate Lab funding for the project "Replication stress-induced Notch1 phosphorylation mediates sustained cancer cell proliferation during DNA damage".

14-15 March 2023

Cecilia hosted the first InFLAMES Immuno-engineering workshop focused on promoting networking and brainstorming for new collaborative ideas. Thank you to both international and local speakers as well as all the researchers and students who helped to make this event a success!

13 March 2023

Congratulations to Freddy and Sami for being awarded a grant for PhD studies by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland!

24 February 2023

Congratulations to Diosa, Kalen and Cecilia for publication of the review Organ-on-a-chip technologies for biomedical research and drug development: A focus on the vasculature (Soto Veliz et al., 2023, Smart Medicine).

17 February 2023

Congratulations to Diosa on the day of her PhD defense from the Martti Toivakka lab! You can find the thesis in Doria: Printable Cell Growth Platform for the Assessment of Biomaterial-cell Interactions : A Focus on Patterns and Mineral Pigments.

14 February 2023

Congratulations Kai-Lan for winning the logo competition of the new Cell Communication Research Program (CellCom) at Biocity Turku!

10 February 2023

Congratulations to Elenaé and Cecilia for publication of the review Modulating epigenetic modifications for cancer therapy (Castro-Muñoz et al., 2023, Oncol Rep). We thank all the co-authors for collaboration!

26 January 2023

Congratulations Freddy, for being awarded a grant for PhD studies by the Instrumentarium Science Foundation!